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1. Your abstract should give all the initial required information like Title, Name(s) of the author(s) and Contact information.

2. The Abstract must be informative and can be 200 words in length along with maximum five key words.

3. You need to write the reasons for your writing.

4. You need to write on what content does this work? What is the scope of the research?


1. The of the article should only be in Times New Roman (Body) font of 12 point size and 1.15 spaced paragraphed.

2. The best range of your paper should be between 2000-5000 words in which your abstract included.

3. Authors should clearly insert all types of Images, Tables, and Figures in the manuscripts only.

4. Authors are strictly advised that they should not send all types of Images, Tables, and Figures separately.

5. All references should be given to claim that you have searched the references and information for your respective paper.


1. Alford Council of International English & Literature Journal (ACIELJ) claims that it maintains the sovereignty and dignity of the journal to run it smoothly. The author is strictly advised to follow the rules and regulations of Alford Council of International English & Literature Journal( ACIELJ).

2. It is author(s)’ responsibility that the information contains sufficient details and references as the source of information.

3. The research paper sent by the author for publication should be previously unpublished. It should not have been published elsewhere, or be under the process of the review in any other journal.

4. It is the responsibility of the author(s) to institute that She/he has submitted an entirely original, providing due credit by virtue of proper reference to the work where they are availed.

5. It is the responsibility of the author the work she/he submits should be entirely plagiarism free. In case of unethical behaviour the work will strictly rejected.

6. In case of similarity index of more than 19 % with other manuscripts, it may be rejected or left to the discretion of the editor as for the policy.

7. The review period can be one to three days in this regard the author has right to ask the status of the paper during these days.

8. Once the review process is done, the author will be intimated about the status of the manuscript which could either be an acceptance or made revision.

  Style Font Size Text Align Spacing
Topic or Title of Paper Times New Roman 24 Bold Centre/Left 1.0
Author(s)’ Name(s) Times New Roman 10 Bold Centre/Left 1.0
Author’s Designation Times New Roman 1.0 Normal Centre/Left 1.0
Affiliation Times New Roman 10 Normal Normal 1.0
Postal address for sending Times New Roman 12 Normal Normal 1.15

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